Loft storage

Huge loft conversion, wonderfully performed by the incomparable Soundhouse team. There were a few design possibilities discussed, filling in the unusual alcove slanted shapes with cupboards, but in the end we came to the conclusion that the upper shape should be left alone as they were so nice. Added to this was a side dressing room which needed careful thought as it was in a sloped area. Final design used the upper side of the room as a big bank of drawers with a low hanging rail on the other side. difficult to get a good photo of but it worked really well in practical terms

Nice simple design with lip handles and oak top

Th drawers waiting to be fitted

Birch ply drawer unit in the sloping side room. Difficult to photograph properly

Newel Post

Just a small add on to the last project but I was quite pleased with the solution. The original newel post had been broken and repaired at a bad angle, both side to side and front to back! but also the whole set of spindles and rail had slumped forwards too. They couldn’t be pulled back so I turned a new newel post and brought it forward on a lap joint so it could once more be vertical. then I just had to try and lose the excess material from the original base of the post. Once painted it looked pretty convincing

Not rocket science but the client and I were pleased with the result!



Catch up time

Time I caught up with my website!

Its been a difficult year (as it has been for everybody), at times not able to work, then deciding how to work safely, both for me and the clients. At the moment I’ve made the decision not to work until I get vaccinated. So here are some of the projects I did manage to complete over the last 12 months, starting with a small ¬†extra job I was asked to do whilst doing the most recent under stairs project