Large storage drawers and Wardrobe

Client brief:

To make best use of an awkward sloping alcove space. .

No handles please!

Beforehand : deep recess of around 900mm; luckily the velux window meant that there was enough head room for you to stand next to the drawers. I made full use of the depth as well as the height, by making staggered drawers up into the pitched section

Grooved section to the top edge of each drawer to act as a Pull and a false drawer at the top to keep balance


And huge depth to the drawers of around 800mm, though the excellent runners mean they are easy to open even when loaded up.

The velux meant plenty of light over the drawers as well as the extra headroom.

The second part of the project was to build in a wardrobe and shelving to a sloping recess



Washing Machine cupboard

Client brief:

To house a washing machine on a hallway landing. 2 problems to solve; first was how to make a frame front with as little gaps as possible to stop too much noise escaping from the machine in use. The answer was to scribe and permanently fix an outer frame to the wall with the complete door frame removable via 3 screws. The join was hidden by a pencil beading.

The second problem was a window behind the unit which was lower than the worktop height. Usual practice leaves an unsightly gap and unresolved look; I got round this by making a false cill and upright moulding and cut a slot in the existing architrave so it could fit in and give the look of a normal window frame! only thing giving it away was the horizontal sash bar on the window.

Office Desk

Client brief:

Unobtrusive shelves and desk, to look as if they’re floating.

Shelves were made as a box construction with hidden battens

Low attic wardrobes

Client brief:

Hanging space required in the sloping area below a velux window in new loft conversion.

Centre section to have an Ikea set of drawers

Side units to have hanging rails and to retain access to loft hatches

Airing Cupboard

Client brief:

Storage to be built into an awkward sloping space with roof beams and a radiator in the ‘wrong ‘ place.

I decided to put a frame around the radiator so the transition from outside to inside the cupboard looked intentional. Then i came up with the idea to use the radiator to heat inside the cupboard via openings and slots within the unit, effectively making it a drying or airing cupboard, with slatted centre shelves.


before                                                            after


The radiator, which went all the way to the back of the unit , boxed in to visually connect it to the rest of the unit.

Ikea ‘hack’


Client brief:

Floor to ceiling storage using bought Ikea wardrobe carcasses and an old Ikea shelving unit cut down

Old shelving unit cut down and framed with pine (to be painted)

Two double wardrobe carcasses with custom units above