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Loft storage

Huge loft conversion, wonderfully performed by the incomparable Soundhouse team. There were a few design possibilities discussed, filling in the unusual alcove slanted shapes with cupboards, but in the end we came to the conclusion that the upper shape should be left alone as they were so nice. Added to this was a side dressing room which needed careful thought as it was in a sloped area. Final design used the upper side of the room as a big bank of drawers with a low hanging rail on the other side. difficult to get a good photo of but it worked really well in practical terms

Nice simple design with lip handles and oak top

Th drawers waiting to be fitted

Birch ply drawer unit in the sloping side room. Difficult to photograph properly

Newel Post

Just a small add on to the last project but I was quite pleased with the solution. The original newel post had been broken and repaired at a bad angle, both side to side and front to back! but also the whole set of spindles and rail had slumped forwards too. They couldn’t be pulled back so I turned a new newel post and brought it forward on a lap joint so it could once more be vertical. then I just had to try and lose the excess material from the original base of the post. Once painted it looked pretty convincing

Not rocket science but the client and I were pleased with the result!



Catch up time

Time I caught up with my website!

Its been a difficult year (as it has been for everybody), at times not able to work, then deciding how to work safely, both for me and the clients. At the moment I’ve made the decision not to work until I get vaccinated. So here are some of the projects I did manage to complete over the last 12 months, starting with a small  extra job I was asked to do whilst doing the most recent under stairs project

Under Stairs Renovation

Just a small part of a whole house refurbishment by Soundhouse

client brief: remove old under stairs panelling and make maximum use of space.  Internally, a large shoe drawer, broom cupboard, hanging rail, coat and hat shelves and hooks etc

The property is one of the older Brighton houses dating probably from the mid 19th century and of course nothing was remotely square or straight. the staircase also needs a fair bit of propping to make it stable.

the old T&G panelling on the left, and then removed and the kitchen doorway blocked up.


Framework in place and a new newel post I had to turn on the lathe to match the one it was replacing. Also the old post had shunted forwards so I had to to pack the new one so that it would now be vertical



Solid Oak Drawers installed and fronts fitted



Renovation complete!


Lounge cupboards and shelving

Brief: a set of three alcoves to be built in with storage, the alcoves spanning two rooms with a knock through. The client wanted a Victorian design with generous mouldings

The problem here was that coming from the kitchen end you get a very clear line of sight looking down the rooms, and  three alcoves were different depths and two were very close together, and all the wall fronts weren’t in line! So it was another ‘head scratcher’ finding the best compromise of overlapping the frames to the walls whilst making sure they were all perfectly in line when viewed from the side.







Understairs panelling

Another job from last year.

This couple had just had a beautiful kitchen extension done by the brilliant Soundhouse guys, and the last piece of the puzzle was a somewhat basic under stairs replacement panelling that didn’t really match the hallway,

There was evidence that the original panelling was tongue. groove and bead, but the clients decided they’d prefer framed panels.

The main issue was working out how to divide the space up in terms of panels and where the internal cupboards already were sited, along with the fact there would have to be an angle change where the short set of steps dropped down to the kitchen.

After quite a few mock ups in hardboard and much head scratching, between us we came up with the solution, which I think works really well. Some of the hardest design problems, if you get it right, then look really simple and obvious!

And of course I included the now obligatory Booker Shoe drawer in the often under used bottom section of the stairs!


Before. The rather basic existing panelling




And of course a Booker Shoe Drawer…


Walk in wardrobe

Been a busy year so I’m going to catch up on a few from 2019!

This brief was for clothes storage in a long narrow side room with sloping ceiling. The client wanted a mirror image set of rails, shelves and drawers, with hers on the left and her partner’s on the right, starting from the centre.

Rather than building on the high ceiling side of the room I fitted all the units in the lower slope so that they had a much greater feeling of space when using the room. The units had a box frame front to conceal LED lighting at the top. I decided to build one drawer unit only but site it in the middle of the run with central dividers to each drawer so they could each use their own side of the drawer!

Finally, to use every bit of space I could, I fitted a flap door to the upper sloping section of the drawer unit for nicknacks, Jewelery etc. This was the one shared space so hopefully they didn’t fight over it!


Drinks Cabinet

Client brief:

Drinks cabinet that ties in with the open end of a short set of steps, but also hides awkward brick footings that project out into the room.

I decided to make it with heavily rounded corners as it is a through traffic area and added an oak top was it will be used as a kind of ‘bannister rail’ when going up or down the steps.

Inside the unit is fitted with adjustable shelving. The lower section is stepped forwards to disguise the brick footings behind, and a false back allows access to hidden wiring sockets etc.



Eaves storage unit

Client brief

Something more  interesting than simply having the space ‘doored off’.

I decided to revisit the ‘stacked box’ idea i’d used previously. More dynamic and less heavy feeling but still just as much storage. It was important to not have the upper box units too close to the slope of the ceiling as that would have made it feel too built in and static.