Understairs panelling

Another job from last year.

This couple had just had a beautiful kitchen extension done by the brilliant Soundhouse guys, and the last piece of the puzzle was a somewhat basic under stairs replacement panelling that didn’t really match the hallway,

There was evidence that the original panelling was tongue. groove and bead, but the clients decided they’d prefer framed panels.

The main issue was working out how to divide the space up in terms of panels and where the internal cupboards already were sited, along with the fact there would have to be an angle change where the short set of steps dropped down to the kitchen.

After quite a few mock ups in hardboard and much head scratching, between us we came up with the solution, which I think works really well. Some of the hardest design problems, if you get it right, then look really simple and obvious!

And of course I included the now obligatory Booker Shoe drawer in the often under used bottom section of the stairs!


Before. The rather basic existing panelling




And of course a Booker Shoe Drawer…