Walk in wardrobe

Been a busy year so I’m going to catch up on a few from 2019!

This brief was for clothes storage in a long narrow side room with sloping ceiling. The client wanted a mirror image set of rails, shelves and drawers, with hers on the left and her partner’s on the right, starting from the centre.

Rather than building on the high ceiling side of the room I fitted all the units in the lower slope so that they had a much greater feeling of space when using the room. The units had a box frame front to conceal LED lighting at the top. I decided to build one drawer unit only but site it in the middle of the run with central dividers to each drawer so they could each use their own side of the drawer!

Finally, to use every bit of space I could, I fitted a flap door to the upper sloping section of the drawer unit for nicknacks, Jewelery etc. This was the one shared space so hopefully they didn’t fight over it!