Window Seat

The brief:

Fit a window seat to the bedroom bay window to match a seat I made last year in the room below.

However… There’s a radiator in the way, which the client didn’t wish to move. So the idea was to construct a slightly deeper seat with a raised section at the back to accommodate the radiator.

I fitted foil insulation behind the rad, and fitted a board in front of it, inside the seating box, again covered in foil which wrapped round the sides of the rad. So most of the heat should be directed up out of the top slot, and a small amount in the storage box will serve to air the bedding stored within. Thats the theory anyway!

Access to rad controls is easy from above and the opening in the frame ledge has a rebate if the client wishes to fit a grille

Primed and ready for painting. The client will decide if a grille fitted later.

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